As 2017 comes to a close, I reflect upon the year as I sit by the fire and look out over the frozen lake.  Many of you may not know that my roots run deep in the north woods of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  While my home is in San Diego, I greatly value my upbringing in Midwestern culture.  Nature has always been my guiding force and my spiritual home.  Trees share their wisdom of strength, resiliency and rootedness to the earth.  Animals and birds each carry their own lessons to share.  Watching a fox prance across the top of the snow, reminds me to be still and enjoy the moment.  Ah, this moment.  Each of my blogs have a common theme—connecting more deeply to yourself and to others, whether it is through mindfulness practices, creating healthier relationships or connecting to something outside of yourself such as community activism, nature, art, or your spiritual practice.  You see, finding a passion connects us to our self and to others.  It can also bring us inner peace.  Nature is my passion.  It connects me not only to myself, but to something greater than myself.

What brings you passion?  What brings you peace?  Foster those activities and those moments.  Find time in your busy schedule to include these all important things in your life.  Despite the frigid cold on my visit to the north woods this holiday, (a whopping -10 or more below zero, which is a temperature San Diegans cannot even comprehend!) I venture out into the snow to brave the elements.  You see, cold cannot keep me from my own passion.  Nature calls.  WHAT or WHO calls to you?

If you are seeking to find your passion, contact me to begin your exploration.