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What you can expect working with me

Together we will co-create each session and the best way therapy will work for you. As a therapist, I facilitate the therapeutic process when in the room together; however, I hold you as the expert of your own life, and my intention is to guide you to the answers that best fit your life, world view and values.

I am a strength-based and solution-focused therapist. When challenges seem insurmountable or unchangeable, I steer the conversations to solutions and the inherent strengths within yourself or your relationships to foster change and steps toward resolution. Empowering you with the skills and insight to better understand and resolve your issues is an important part of our work together. Knowledge about the physiology of your body and the root of your symptoms, skills for emotional regulation, relationship tools and positive communication skills or parenting strategies are just a few of the topics that we may explore.

The Mind, Body, Emotion Connection

Understanding the connection between your mind, body and emotions is an important part of our work together. Knowing how our bodies physiologically respond to our emotions or circumstances can begin to change our response, not only to ourselves, but also to the challenge or circumstance we seek to resolve.

Numerous times, clients have expressed to me no one had ever told them about their nervous system and physiological processes behind their symptoms. It gave them hope and self-compassion. Many clients have stated their symptoms didn’t make them feel “crazy” any more once they understood why they were occurring. Knowledge and self-awareness is empowering. Check out my video explaining stress and your nervous system.

My Approach To Therapy

I am also an “active” therapist. Our sessions will differ each time depending on what you bring into the room that day. We may engage in a dynamic, explorative conversation or process difficult emotions through mindfulness practices and breathe work. I use a white board when teaching new concepts or skills or to highlight important topics discussed. With children and teens, I employ art and play therapy when talking becomes a bore. For couples and families, our work focuses on increasing connection through compassionate communication to heal old wounds and improve relationship dynamics.

I utilize EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) when processing traumatic or intense emotions, and often have my clients do movement in sessions such as Qigong or stretching to release emotions and teach their bodies to return to equilibrium. I do not believe in clients walking out of sessions feeling worse than when they came in, so assisting you in self-regulating your emotions before leaving is an important part of our sessions. For individuals who prefer fresh air and movement, we can talk and walk together in nearby Balboa park. Since therapy time is limited, I usually give you skills to practice between sessions to increase progress toward your goals.

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Whether laughing or crying, I am right there with you. I will not judge your choices, but will challenge you to find solutions or make changes to create the life you seek.