Self-care without compassion can add stress to your life.

self-care without compassion adds stress
Coping strategies.  Stress management skills.  Mindfulness practices.  Wellness tools.  These are all terms we are familiar with in Western culture as we desperately seek ways to assist us in managing our hectic lives.  I, too, continually explore a variety of methods of self-care tools to manage my own stress as I strive to find that proverbial “balance” between my work, self and family.  Yet,... Read More

Five ways to create intimacy and connection in your sexual relationships.

When we talk about intimacy in relationships, we often focus on sex. Is our sex life satisfying? Are we in-tune physically and sexually? However, sex does not always foster intimacy. Creating intimacy in your relationships means creating deeper connections and vulnerability with each other. Yet, we crave connection, but often fear vulnerability. Therefore, sex can actually be a distraction to... Read More

Inspire awe in your life.

Have you ever experienced a moment of being awestruck?  It’s an electrifying emotion capable of stopping us in our tracks to be completely in the moment and experience.  It is the feeling of being in the presence of something beautiful, vast and greater than ourselves. We can all remember those immensely inspiring moments such as meeting the Dalai Lama or witnessing the birth of your child;... Read More

Ways to Begin Practicing Mindfulness

Cultivate small moments of present moment awareness throughout your day. Tip 1: Practice one-minute meditation. Too busy or not motivated to meditate for 30 minutes a day? Martin Boroson demonstrates the power of even small moments of mindful awareness in his fun video “How to meditate in one moment”. Tip 2: In addition to sitting meditation, you can also cultivate mindfulness informally by... Read More