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Create a supportive and thriving partnership.

Rekindle the love and passion that drew you together.

Transform relationship patterns toward connection.

Couples Therapy

Do you have areas in your relationship that feel stuck and unresolved? Are you struggling to heal after a betrayal? Are you feeling disconnected from your partner and uncertain how to rekindle the passion? Are you or your partner experiencing a personal or life transition that impacts your relationship? You are not alone! All relationships have moments of struggle and couples may seek out help in their relationship for a variety of reasons.

With guidance, you can LEARN TOGETHER how to:

  • Increase intimacy and trust
  • Improve communication and effective listening to feel heard and understood
  • Rediscover the love that brought you together
  • Handle and resolve conflicts effectively
  • Create a relationship based upon shared values and purpose
  • Resolve stuck relationship patterns and areas of conflict
  • Learn to “lean in” rather than distance or avoid
  • Increase time for connection when experiencing “not enough time for us” syndrome
  • Heal from infidelity and/or betrayal
  • Repair sexual wounds and renew passion and intimacy
  • Navigate personal and life transitions together
  • Foster respect and healthy boundaries in poly and/or open relationships

Are You Ready To Transform Your Relationship?

My primary goals are to repair old wounds, rebuild trust and intimacy together and learn the tools to develop and sustain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Build A Healthy, Fulfilling Relationship

As a couple and family therapist, I am trained in improving relationships. For couples, therapy can provide a neutral space to come together to share, process and resolve relationship issues. I am skilled in addressing the full range of issues that couples may experience during the lifetime of their relationship. My primary goals are to repair old wounds, rebuild trust and intimacy together and learn the tools to develop and sustain healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Above all, I recognize and honor the diversity of all intimate partnerships, and I am here to support you in creating the connection and intimacy you seek together. I create a supportive and sex positive space in which to explore gender, sexuality, sexual expression, relationship styles and love constellations.  I am poly, open/non-monogamy, kink educated and friendly.