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What is psychotherapy?

Everyone, at some point in their life, struggles with a personal, relational or situational challenge. Some circumstances resolve themselves, while others may require additional support from a trained professional. A psychotherapist provides a supportive, nonjudgmental environment in which you can talk openly about your struggles to gain a deeper understanding and identify solutions. It is a space to gain new insights, identity steps and solutions and learn skills so you can better cope with whatever challenges arise in the future.

Psychotherapy is not just about talking about the “problems” in your life. It is also a space to set and achieve personal goals, improve your relationships, generate academic or career success, increase health and wellbeing, establish balance in your life to feel your best and create the life you want for yourself.

There are many different approaches to psychotherapy and every clinician will have their own style and personality. It is important to find the best approach and style that fits your needs. Check out what you can expect working with me to see if I am the best fit for you.

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Who provides psychotherapy?

There are several different kinds of professionals who provide psychotherapy: psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers and counselors. Each professional has specific training and expertise.

What is a marriage and family therapist?

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I am trained in providing psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families.  When working with clients individually or as a couple or family unit, my focus is understanding the issue(s) presented from a relational perspective. I view individuals as embedded within a system of relationships: family, friends, community, societal, educational and career/organizational systems. I explore how all these systems interact and impact you, your choices and relationships. I am trained to treat a wide range of issues from individual psychological stressors such as depression or anxiety, in addition, to couple/relational issues and child/parent problems. 

Check out the following services I offer to see which best meets your needs:

Individual Therapy

Work one-on-one in a safe and supportive environment to facilitate change and improve your quality of life.

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Child and Adolescent Therapy

A fun and creative space for children and teens to learn new skills and express themselves.

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Family Therapy

Parents, siblings, caregivers and extended family members come together to resolve and repair family issues and relationships.

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Couples Therapy

A safe and neutral space for couples to come together to create a supportive and thriving partnership.

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Walk and Talk Therapy

Take therapy outdoors to walk toward your goals.

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